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Liverpool FC

The Greatest Team to Ever Play the Game

I am a huge Liverpool FC fan. This page has a few quotes that reflect why I love the team as much as I do. Never Give Up.

An amazing picture of Liverpool FC capitans holding up the Champions League trophy.

In the footsteps of giants

Liverpool was made for me and I was made for Liverpool.

Bill Shankly

[Liverpool fans] were not concerned with cultured football but with triers who gave one hundred percent.

Bob Paisley

2005 - The Miracle of Istanbul

Don't let your heads drop. All the players who go onto the pitch after half-time have to keep their heads held high. We are Liverpool. You are playing for Liverpool, do not forget that. You have to hold your heads high for the supporters, you have to do it for them. You cannot call yourselves Liverpool players if you have your heads down. If we create a few chances, we have the possibility of getting back into this. Believe you can do it and we will. Give yourselves the chance to be heroes.

Rafael Benítez, half-time speech, Champions League Final against AC Milan, 2005, Istanbul.

Liverpool won on penalties after being 3-0 down at half time in what was considered the greatest Champions League Final of all time.

2019 - The Improbable Comeback

I said to the boys before the game, "I don't think it's possible but because it's you we have a chance." Here's something everyone inside Anfield knows, including our opponents. This Liverpool never stops. This Liverpool never shut down. This Liverpool gives its all at all times.

Jürgen Klopp, post-match interview, Champions League Semifinals against Barcelona, 2019, Liverpool.

Liverpool won on 4-3 aggregate after being 3-0 down from the first leg in what was considered the greatest Champions League comeback of all time. Liverpool's run culminated with a Final against Tottenham.

Thank you, Peter

My friend, Peter Huy, has gone to Anfield and seen some of the greatest games in LFC's recent history. He will never let me forget that he not only went before I did, but probably can never go again because nothing will top his experiences.

A picture of the actual program from the game Liverpool beat Barcelona.